Cleaning Mop Slippers
Cleaning Mop Slippers

Cleaning Mop Slippers

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You best choice for cleaning the house floor easily and conveniently.
Particularly recommended for indoor pet owners, can easily clean pet hair and urine blot by wearing them!

1. Dual-purpose: Just wearing this floor cleaning slippers makes the whole house beautiful.
Can also be set in mop as a mop head, used to wipe floor, wipe glass, or washing the car, etc.

2. Best performance of absorbing water and dust moping with micro fiber

3. Soft and non-slip floor cleaning slippers, giving best experience in household cleaning.
Lint free and unfading, best for long time use.

4. Free size cleaning Mop Slipper Cover, you can wear it with bare feet or as a shoes cover.
Both for men and women, adults and kids.

5. Very convenient for cleaning stairs and corners which vacuum cleaner difficult to reach.

6. Perfect for dust, dirt, and pet hair, this mop shoes cover is a great time saver.
Wearing this mop shoe cover, just sweep and clean the floor while you and your guests walk.
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